Arts & Humanities Calendar


Arts & Humanities Calendar, 2013-2014

The list below is intended to be a general reminder:  for specific information about any particular event, contact the appropriate Office.  Estimated dates are in italics.


9th    Core Dossiers (individual faculty section) of Autumn P&T cases due to A&H Office for preliminary review (optional)
20th  ASC New Faculty Orientation
21st  Autumn Semester Begins

2nd   Labor Day – Offices Closed
13th  Nominations for Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching due to OAA
25th  Recommended date for distribution of P&T materials to eligible faculty for review

14th  Nominations for Distinguished Scholar Award due to Office of Research
15th  Arts & Humanities Fall Faculty Recognition Reception
19th  Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Distinction Applications (Arts) due to A&H Office
25th  Recommended final date for completion of all departmental P&T reviews

    Research Enhancement Grant applications due to A&H Office
11th  Veterans Day – Offices Closed
12th  Promotion and Tenure Dossiers due to A&H Office
18th  Nominations for Distinguished University Professor due to A&H Office
20th  Nominations for Faculty Award for Distinguished Univ. Service due to OAA
25th  Undergraduate Research Small Grant applications due to A&H Office
27th  Thanksgiving Break Begins (Wednesday)

    Thanksgiving Break Ends (Sunday)
2nd   Nominations for Rodica C. Botoman Undergraduate Teaching Award in Humanities due to A&H
5th    Exam Period Begins (Thursday)
11th  Exam Period Ends (Wednesday)
15th  Autumn Semester Commencement


6th    Spring Semester Begins
13th  SA and FPL applications due to Department Chairs
13th  Nominations for OSU Distinguished Diversity Enhancement due to OHR
20th  Martin Luther King Day – Offices Closed
21st  Nominations for Distinguished University Staff Award due to OHR
24th  Promotion & Tenure Dossiers due to OAA from College Office
27th  SA and FPL applications due from Departments to A&H Office

  Research & Creative Activity Grant applications due to A&H Office
21st  Graduate Student applications for Riley/Chu/VPA Awards due to A&H Office

3rd    Virginia Hull Research Award applications due to A&H Office
10th  Spring Break Begins (Monday)
16th   Spring Break Ends (Sunday)
17th  Screening Meetings for promotion to Full Professor completed
21st  Undergraduate Research Small Grant applications due to A&H Office
26th  Denman Undergraduate Research Forum
28th  Undergraduate Research Scholarships and Distinction Applications (Arts) due to A&H Office
28th  Research Enhancement Grant applications due to A&H Office

4th    Nominations for Arts & Hum. Diversity Enhancement due to A&H Office
23rd  Exam Period Begins (Wednesday)
25th  Fourth Year Reviews due to A&H Office
29th  Exam Period Ends (Tuesday)

4th    Spring Semester Commencement
5th    May Session Begins
16th  Annual Reviews of Probationary Faculty (Years 1, 2, 3, 5) due to A&H Office
26th  Memorial Day – Offices Closed
27th  List of External Reviewers for Autumn P&T cases due
30th  May Session Ends

16th  Summer Session Begins

    Independence Day – Offices Closed

    Summer Session Ends
1st    Annual Reviews of Tenured Faculty completed (Dept. only - do not send to A&H Office)
10th  Summer Commencement
27th  Autumn Semester Begins

Dates are subject to change