Audit Policy for 1101, 1102, 1155, 1103, 2202



In order to learn/review a language, daily attendance and preparation for class are required. It is very difficult to involve students in group practices when they only attend class intermittently and/or do not prepare for the activities. For this reason, students are expected to elect courses for credit. Occasionally, however, a student may wish to attend a course but not elect it for credit. This arrangement can take the form of an official audit. 

An official audit obligates a student to attend classes regularly and complete course requirements (e.g., homework, daily participation in class, and the final examination). Regular tuition fees apply, and the course appears on the transcript with the grade (Audit); and no degree credit is earned. Students auditing a class are not eligible to earn EM Credit by examination for that class. To arrange an official audit, a student must request the permission of the instructor, the permission of your college, through your academic advisor, and the permission of the Program Director(s). If approved, students who audit must complete the majority of the assignments which includes attending classes and receiving at least a 70% for the course. A request to officially audit a course must be approved by the end of the third week of a full term or second week of a half-term. Please contact Megan Lobert if you have any additional questions. 

If you believe you will not be able to fulfill the requirements for an audit, an alternative is to come to the Teaching & Learning Centers (TLC) for individual help or attend the Conversation Tables