Diversity & Inclusion

As part of our mission, at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese we dedicate ourselves to the goal of Diversity and Values by:

  • Promoting the understanding of and engagement with the rich diversity of the languages, literatures and cultures of Latin America, Portugal, Spain, the United States, and Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking Africa and Asia in the classroom and outside of it
  • Fostering an environment of productive exchange between diverse peoples and viewpoints

Aligning with this goal, The Department of Spanish and Portuguese and College of Arts & Sciences welcomes applicants to our graduate program from all over the world and all backgrounds, and is committed to the belief that diversity is a critical part of excellence in graduate education. See below for some helpful links and resources.

Graduate/Professional Student Recruitment

The Graduate/Professional Student Recruitment Initiative (GPS) is Ohio State's premier diversity recruitment program for students considering post-baccalaureate studies at The Ohio State University. It serves as a pipeline for the annual Graduate School Fellowship competition and helps to contribute to the ethnic, cultural and academic diversity of Ohio State's Graduate School and Professional Colleges.

The Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) at Ohio State is designed to help historically underrepresented students explore opportunities for graduate study and academic careers. SROP participants work with a faculty mentor on a project of mutual interest, with the intention of developing the kind of student-professor relationship that is crucial to success in graduate school. SROP activities include workshops on research skills and seminars on topics related to graduate education and career development. At the end of the summer program, participants present their research at both a campus summary conference and a regional conference.


FreeApp is designed to increase access to graduate education for students who possess qualities and experiences that enhance the diversity of the intellectual, cultural, and social environments at CIC universities.  Through this program, prospective students can request a graduate application fee waiver for our Ph.D. program.

Graduate Student Resources

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers a number of opportunities for graduate students who are currently matriculating at The Ohio State University to stay engaged. ODI’s aim is to provide students with a holistic experience from pre-college to graduation. They also offer resources for graduate students as they work towards their degree at OSU.

The Student Life Multicultural Center (MCC) offers a space for dialogue among students on campus. The MCC programs focus on identity development and social justice issues, while adapting to address the changing culture and climate related to campus, local and national contexts. Their intercultural format invites students of all backgrounds and experiences to participate in their programs and services. o

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