Travel Support


Departmental Support

The first place to look for funds is within the department. The department has a certain amount of funds to support graduate student participation in professionalization activities. Below is an outline of the procedures for applying for departmental travel funds to attend conferences and the awards for research projects.

Departmental Travel Funds

  1. How to apply?
    In order to apply for these funds, you must submit an Application for Graduate Student Travel Support and a copy of the formal invitation to present at the conference. The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) reviews the applications throughout the year. In their evaluation, they base their decision on the following: a) relevance of the paper to the student's main field of concentration; b) prestige of the conference for which the funds are requested; c) estimated costs of travel (transportation, hotel, and food); and d) applicant's stage of advancement within the graduate program. The maximum amount of travel support is $300.00.
  2. When to apply?
    You should begin the application process as soon as you receive official notification that you have been accepted for a conference; moreover, you must complete the application process (including applying for a T number) before you go to the conference. This is very important for a number of reasons. First, while the Department has every interest in monetarily supporting graduate student professionalization activities, our funds are limited. Second, the GSC does not meet every week and your application might not be reviewed right away. Finally, if your application is approved, you must submit the Travel Request Form approximately two weeks before your departure in order to allow for the necessary processing time at the departmental and university levels. SPPO staff will do everything they can to help you process these forms; however, they need sufficient time to comply with the university's procedures. Please remember that according to university policy, without an assigned T number, you cannot be reimbursed.

Awards for Research

The following awards are given annually:

  • The Karpus Fund—restricted to travel undertaken in connection with a research project relating to Peninsular Studies
  • The LoAnne Crane Award
  • The Josaphat Kubayanda Graduate Student Scholarship
  • The Mario Iglesias Award for Excellence in the Study and Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese

Procedures for Receiving Support 

Applications for support from the Department's Travel Support Fund must be submitted at least three weeks before the time of travel and will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee on an ongoing basis through the academic year.

For further information on the the procedures for receiving support please visit