VI. Time Frame for Graduate Teaching Associates


VI.1.   Time Frame for PhD & Registration Requirements

    The PhD programs in Spanish and Portuguese are designed to be completed in 10 semesters. Graduate Associates in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese are accepted into the program with ten semesters of departmental support and must be enrolled with full time status in courses toward the doctoral program during that timeframe. The programs are structured as follows. 

  • Six semesters for completing course requirements:
    • Research Portfolio successfully defended by end of second year
  • Two semesters for the Candidacy Examination:
    • Candidacy obtained by the end of the 4th year
  • Two semesters for writing of the Dissertation.

    The usual period of study up to the Candidacy Examination is seven semesters. The Examination should take place after the fulfillment of all course and language requirements. If any of these requirements have not been completed before the semester of the Candidacy Examination, the student should petition in writing to the Graduate Studies Committee for an exception. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies for more information about this petition.

Registration Requirements: The minimum course load for those receiving departmental support is three graduate level courses per semester plus a colloquium (8893 or 8894), totaling no fewer than eight graduate credit hours, as required by the Graduate School, and normally amounting to nine graduate credit hours. Fellowship students have to register for at least 12 graduate credit hours, in fall and spring semesters before candidacy, which translate into four graduate level courses per semester plus colloquium (8893 or 8894). During the summer, fellows need to register for 6 graduate credit hours.

During the semester preceding the Candidacy Examination, and during the examination semester itself, many candidates register for Spanish 8193.02 “PhD Exam preparation” for part of the minimum course load. Registration in Spanish 8193.02 requires that the Advisor submit written approval via email of such registration to the Graduate Program Coordinator. After passing the Candidacy Examination, students who hold a GTAship must register for a minimum of three credit hours as required by the Graduate School. This is done by registering for two credit hours of Spanish 8999 “Research for Dissertation” and one credit hour of the colloquium (Spanish 8893 or 8894).