IX. Fellowships


IX.1.  Preamble

    Applicants to, and advanced students in, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese are eligible for various fellowships awarded by the Graduate School of the Ohio State University. These fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, without respect to financial need, and they are of two types: First-Year Fellowships and Dissertation Fellowships. First-Year Fellowships include the Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship (DDU), the Distinguished University Fellowship (DUF), the University Fellowship (UF), the Dean’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (DGE), and the Graduate Enrichment Fellowship (GE). They provide support for students applying to begin a graduate program at Ohio State for the first time. Dissertation (Presidential) Fellowships provide support to students completing the final year of the doctorate. The purpose of the First-Year Fellowship is to attract and retain a diverse graduate student population of the highest quality. The Presidential Fellowship supports students so that they may complete the dissertation unencumbered by other duties. The award recognizes the student’s research potential and scholarly achievements.

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IX.2.   Eligibility

    Eligibility criteria for a Graduate School fellowship vary by kind of fellowship. However, recipients of all fellowships must meet the following minimal eligibility criteria. The student:

  1. must be admitted to the Graduate School;
  2. must be pursuing a graduate degree at this university on a full-time basis (excluding audited courses) during any semester in which a fellowship appointment is held;
  3. must maintain good standing in the Graduate School during the period in which the fellowship is held;
  4. must maintain reasonable progress toward a graduate degree;
  5. must hold no other appointment or outside employment during the term of the appointment, with the exception of a possible supplemental 25% appointment as Graduate Associate.

The following additional eligibility criteria apply to the First-Year Fellowship. The student:

  1. must have no prior graduate enrollment at this university (excluding graduate non-degree status);
  2. must meet minimum undergraduate grade-point average (GPA) and GRE or GMAT test score requirements as specified for the type of fellowship

The following additional eligibility criteria apply to the Presidential Fellowship. The student must:

  1. have passed the candidacy examination prior to the Presidential Fellowship competition deadline date
  2. have completed all Ph.D. course work and enroll for 8999 hours only

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IX.3.   Nomination

    Candidates for University and Presidential Fellowships do not apply for them directly, but rather are nominated by the Graduate Studies Committee. However, all applicants for admission to the Graduate School who are interested in being considered for a University Fellowship should indicate that interest by checking the appropriate box on the Graduate School admission application. Current students interested in being considered for the Presidential Fellowship should state their interest to their advisor or Graduate Studies Committee chair. Procedures have been established for submitting fellowship (first-year and Presidential) nominations to the Graduate School. The dates of each fellowship competition and nomination procedures are communicated to each Graduate Studies Committee prior to each competition and are posted on the Graduate School’s website. Questions about nominating procedures, deadlines, and related matters should be directed to the Graduate School.

    The majority of these University Fellowships require an undergraduate CPHR of 3.6 or higher and an average percentile on the three parts of the GRE exam of 75% or above. Slightly different criteria apply, however, to those fellowships that the Graduate School reserves each year for incoming students who show significant potential for contributing to the diversity of the University. In evaluating nominations for these fellowships, the Graduate School takes into account various features of the student’s file, including, although not necessarily limited to, ethnic background, social or economic disadvantage, and disability.

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IX.4.   Benefits

    Students holding University and Presidential Fellowships receive a fee authorization for each semester on appointment. The authorization covers Instructional Fees (resident and non-resident) and General Fees. Other student fees, such as parking costs, late penalties, health insurance, recreation fee, activity fee, and the mandatory COTA fee, must be paid by the student. As a Graduate Fellow at The Ohio State University, payroll deduction will be used to pay for “Other Student Fees” not covered by the standard graduate fee payment authorization, appointing unit or graduate program.

    The Graduate School Handbook: Section 10 (Graduate Fellowships) contains important additional information on fellowships. See, in particular, these paragraphs:
        10.1      Graduate School Fellowships
        10.2      Terms of Appointment and Termination
        10.3      Benefits Information
        10.4      Non-Graduate School Funded Fellowships/Traineeships

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