X. Guidelines for Graduate Student Travel and Research Support


X.1.   Eligibility for Departmental Travel Funds

    All regularly enrolled graduate students who are in good standing in the Department and who are presenting a paper at a recognized academic conference are eligible to apply for travel support up to a maximum amount of $300 each academic year from the Travel Support Fund of the Department. Additional support for travel is also available from the Karpus Fund (restricted to travel undertaken in connection with a research project relating to Peninsular Studies), the LoAnne Crane Award, the Mario Iglesias Award for Excellence in the Study and Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Josephat Kubayanda Graduate Student Scholarship. These award competitions are announced during spring semester.

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X.2.   Application Procedure for Departmental Travel Funds

    Applications for support from the Department's Travel Support Fund must be submitted on the appropriate Travel Request form to the Director of Graduate Studies at least three weeks before the time of travel. All requests for conference travel support must be endorsed by the student’s Advisor and accompanied by an official letter of acceptance from the conference organizers as well as by a budget of estimated travel expenses. Students should submit an electronic copy or a printout of the Travel Request form to the Director of Graduate Studies by downloading and completing the form available on the departmental website.
    Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee on an ongoing basis through the academic year.
    If their application is approved, students must then fill out a Travel Expense form and submit it to the Travel Secretary before the time of travel in order to receive a T number. If students do not receive a T number before traveling, they cannot receive funding.   
    View the necessary travel forms.

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X.3.   Basis of Evaluation of Applications for Departmental Travel Funds

The merit of each proposal will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the paper to the student’s main field of concentration;
  2. Prestige of the conference for which the funds are requested (to be assessed by the Graduate Studies Committee);
  3. Estimated costs of travel (transportation; hotel; food);
  4. Applicant’s stage of advancement within the graduate program.

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X. 4.   Other Sources of Travel and Research Support

    In addition to travel funds provided by the Department, there are a considerable number of other sources of travel and research support at the university of which the student should be aware. These include, but are not limited to the following:

    Announcements about the opening of competitions for these various awards are made periodically throughout the year. Further information may be obtained by consulting the SPPO Director of Graduate Studies.

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