Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium

Spanish 8893 Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium 

Fall 2018

Fridays, 2:20-3:40 PM

Fall Semester 2018 Schedule

August 24: Academic Job Search Workshop

August 31: 2:20pm - Other Academic Jobs, Librarianship with Dr. Gabriel Mordoch

3:00pm - International Students Workshop

September 7: (available)

September 14: John Grinstead, "Quantifier Relationships in the Lexicon: Scalar Competence and Performance"

September 21: (available)

September 28: Other events on campus: SÕLCON: Brown and Black Comics Expo

October 5: (available)

October 12: Fall break - no events

October 19: Ashlee Dauphinais, "Retroflex /ɾ/ and Incomplete Neutralization in Puerto Rican Spanish"

October 26: HLS and ILCLA 2018 - no colloquium events

November 2: Día de los muertos event, "Día de los Muertos, Chicano Dracula, and the Latinx Macabre" - A rountable discussion with Frederick Aldama, Danielle Orozco, and Paloma Martínez-Cruz

Other events on campus: Nov. 3, Día de los Muertos: ¡Ya vienen los muertos!, Multiple locations: Gateway Theater, High Street Procession & Billy Ireland Museum and Library

November 9: Invited speaker: Bruno Estigarribia, U North Carolina. 11-12:30 Workshop on using online corpora for teaching HL. 2:20 Presentation

November 16: Scott Schwenter, Mark Hoff, Kendra Dickinson, Justin Bland, & Luana Labmerti, "Gradience and contrast in 2SG direct object pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese"

Other events: Book Launch by Lúcia Costigan and Fernando Morató (and Miguel Valerio as virtual guest)

November 23: Thanksgiving - no events

November 30: (available)