Castell, human pyramids in Catalonia, Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The program in Iberian Studies at OSU offers Catalan language and culture classes. Our instructors and professors are trained in language, literatures and cultures of the Catalan speaking countries (Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Andorra) and are members or participants of Catalan institutions such as the Institut Ramon Llull, the North American Catalan Society, the Association Française des Catalanistes, and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans. For more information, contact Holly Nibert

Did you know

  • Catalan is spoken...
         -by about ten million people
         -in 4 European states
         -across an area covering about 60,000 square kilometres or 23,250 square miles
  • Most Catalan speakers are (at least) bilingual and Catalan co-exists with three other important European languages —Spanish, French and Italian.

Catalonia, Spain, Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons