Section Changes


Spanish 1101.01 - 2202.01. If you are registered for a Spanish course (1101, 1102, 1155, 1103, 2202) and are trying to switch class sections, please do so online through the University Registrar Web Site. You may enroll online through the end of the first Friday of classes, and any seats that open up in Spanish classes will be given to the students on the wait-list. Your College Advisor can switch sections for you if there is space available (as shown in the computer system) for the section you want. The Spanish Department will not give any permission for section switches nor will the instructor of the class sign permission to enroll slips during the first week of class. If you need the course to graduate on time, you should speak with your advisor. For additional questions, please contact Dr. Holly Nibert.

Spanish 2000 and above. For courses (other than SPAN 2202) at the 2000 level and above (for example, 2320, 2332, 3401, 3403, 3450, etc.), check the course prerequisites carefully before requesting permission to enroll. Once enrolled, if you want to switch class sections, the instructor of the new section that you want to join is the only person who can grant you such permission. You must first get their written permission on an Ohio State "Course Enrollment Permission" form and take it back to your College Office for processing.