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Portuguese Major Program


Brazilian Coast - Photo Courtesy of Raphael Palermo Dos Santos

The Portuguese major consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours distributed as indicated below.

  • A minimum grade of "C-" in all courses counting toward the major is required.
  • Only 1 course (3 credits) taught in English may count toward the Portuguese Major program, these courses are listed in the Electives section below.

Portuguese Course Descriptions and Pre-Requisites

Complete course descriptions and pre-requisites are listed in the official OSU Course Catalog. Students may also search specific term Portuguese offerings through the Registrar's Schedule of Classes

Orientation (6 hours)

These two Portuguese courses are required:
3401 Review of Grammar and Composition 
3450 Introduction to the Study of Literatures and Cultures  

Core (24 hours)

  • Six (6) credit hours at the 3400+ level in Advanced Language and Linguistics, at least three (3) credit hours must be at the 4000-level or above
  • 12 credit hours at the 4000+ level in Literature and Culture
  • Six (6) credit hours, Electives

Courses in Advanced Portuguese Language and Linguistics
Portuguese Reading and Listening, 3cr
3403 Portuguese Conversation and Composition, 3cr
4510 Portuguese Translation, 3cr
4595 Special Topics - Foreign Study, 1-9cr
5611 The Portuguese Language, 3cr

Courses in Portuguese Literature and Culture
4550 Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking World, 3cr
4560 Cultural Expressions of Portugal and Lusophone Africa, 3cr
4561 Cultural Expressions of Brazil, 3cr
4595 Special Topics - Foreign Study, 1-9cr
5510 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, from the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism, 3cr
5520 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, from Romanticism to Modernism, 3cr
5530 Literatures and Cultures in Portuguese, from Modernism to the Present, 3cr
5650 Studies in Literatures and Cultures of the Portuguese Speaking World (Repeatable), 3-9cr

Portuguese Electives
Students may choose from any of the courses listed above or
3570 CLLC Radio, 3cr
4193 Individual Studies, 1-3cr
4194 Group Studies, 1-9cr
4597.01 Coloniality and Postcoloniality in the Literatures of Portugal and Portuguese-Speaking Africa, 3 credits (taught in English)
4597.02 Representing Identity in the Cinema of the Portuguese-Speaking World, 3 credits (taught in English)
4999H Honors Thesis Research, 1-9cr
5797 Study at a Foreign Institution, 1-6cr

**4999H, 5797, 4193 can be taken for up to 3-9cr, but only a maximum of 3cr for each can count toward the Portuguese Major or Minor program.

NOTE: Exceptions to the above requirements and distributions will be considered when they do not diminish the quality of the individual major program.

Projected Portuguese Major and Minor level offerings for AU22

  • 3403 Portuguese Conversation and Composition                                                                          AU22
  • 3450 Introduction to the Study of Literatures and Cultures, 3cr                                                    AU22