Transfer Credit


A transfer student is one who has completed undergraduate coursework at a university or college other than Ohio State, and transferred to a degree program at our institution.

Transfer credit is course credit granted by coordinators in the transfer credit center, Office of the University Registrar. Most transfer credit is assigned automatically by credit coordinators upon admission where equivalent courses have been specified.

In many cases, students receive general/unspecified transfer credit for courses taken in Spanish or Portuguese at another accredited university or college, domestic or abroad. The general credit must be specified in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese according to established equivalents. In these cases, students must contact Rachel Sanabria, Academic Program Manager, and provide course materials for evaluation. For further information, contact the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at (614) 292-4958.

The following documents or information must be provided for proper specification of transfer credit:

  • Your name and OSU Student ID if available. Your Ohio State name.# is also acceptable.
  • Syllabus for each course for which general or specific transfer credit has been granted (electronic, scanned or faxed versions are fine.) Course descriptions from course offerings catalogues are not sufficient. Where syllabi are not available, textbooks, notes and papers from relevant courses may be used in the evaluation at the discretion of the credit coordinator.

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to provide all required and requested information to facilitate the transfer credit evaluation process. Transfer credit requests will remain pending until all required or requested information and documentation has been provided.