Annual Symposium

The 18th Annual Hispanic & Lusophone Studies Symposium


Keynote speaker: Dr. Yeidy Rivero (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)

April 10 - 11, 2015


General Info

This year, our graduate symposium will concentrate on race and gender in Iberian and Latin American literature and culture. The aim of the symposium is to enlighten the interdisciplinary academic dialogue in the areas mentioned above; looking to expand and problematize the notions established by hegemony apparatuses and heteronormative visions among other categorizations. How could from the cultural studies academia be able to establish new readings to race and gender in the mass cultural production? It will be possible to produce new theory concepts that explain the society acts against different sex representations? Still slavery and sexuality as a commodity that reflect the impositions desire of hegemony groups?  These are only a few possible questions to consider as participants prepare submissions for this symposium. As a reflection of this topic, papers that venture beyond the traditional dichotomy of Latin American/Peninsular or Hispanic/Luso-Brazilian studies are welcome and encouraged, as well as submissions from disciplines other than Luso-Hispanic Literatures and Cultures. 

Dr. Yeidy M. Rivero is an Associate Professor in the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures at the University of Michigan, and her research centers on television history, media and globalization, and race and ethnic representations in media. She is the author of Tuning Out Blackness: Race and Nation in the History of Puerto Rican Television (Duke University Press, 2005), Broadcasting Modernity: Cuban Commercial Television, 1950-1960 (Duke University Press, 2015), and co-editor (with Arlene Dávila) of Contemporary Latino Media: Production, Circulation, Politics (New York University Press, 2015)

The conference fee for accepted presenters is $35 for graduate students and $50 for faculty. Here is a downloadable PDF of the  OSU symposium Program


For any questions or concerns, please contact the symposium organizers:

OSU Congress on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (OSUCHiLL)

Keynote Speaker: Rena Torres Cacoullos, Pennsylvania State University

April 10-11, 2015

General Info

OSUCHiLL is one of the premier conferences on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics United States. The conference, organized entirely by graduate students, aims to bring together a wide variety of scholars working within many distinct disciplines and subdisciplines and on many different aspects of language. 


for any questions or concerns, please contact the conference organizers:

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