2018-2019 Annual Symposium


The Department of Spanish and Portuguese holds two symposia each year: the Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium and the Annual Congress on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (OSUCHiLL). Below you will find more information about the current edition of each event. 

Literature & Culture | Linguistics

The 22st Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium

March 29-30, 2019, Columbus, OH

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Prado Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Leonardo Tonus Université Paris-Sorbonne

Call for Papers

In a time of xenophobia, hate speech, and political unrest in the United States of America, the 2019 Ohio State Anual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium questions on a global scale the "supposed" universal values that the American flag represents. Neither justice nor liberty has been given to those who challenge the premise of an indivisible nation. The reality has been notably different for minority groups including women, people of color, immigrants, and children, all of which have had their voices silenced. The name of this conference "And justice for all?..." begins with a question that invites us to find the silenced voices of today and to bring them to an academic setting, working alongside them and acting as agents of change on a global scale. 

Unfortunately, such occurrences in the United States are not limited to the North American country, rather are widespread across the Luso-Hispanic world. To bring awareness to such affairs, the Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium welcomes proposals from all fields, but gives preference to Luso-Hispanic research addressing topics such as:

  • Social Justice
  • Social Activism 
  • Migration and Diaspora Studies
  • Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Latinx Studies
  • Disabilities Studies
  • De-Colonial and Post-Colonial Studies
  • African and African American Studies
  • Subaltern Studies

We are seeking presentations of original research from graduate students and scholars on the proposed topic. Preference will be given to presentations that fit this theme, though other topics in the areas of literature and culture will also be welcome. 

Submission of proposals:

Abstracts will be accepted in Spanish, English and Portuguese, should be submitted as .PDF or .doc files, and should be limited to 250 words. Please include a paper or panel title and your contact information (name, specialization, email and affiliation) and send to spposymposium2019@gmail.com with the subject "Literatures and Cultures". Talks will be allotted 20 minutes for presentation and about 10 minutes for discussion and may be given in any of the aforementioned languages. 

Submission deadline: February 15th, 2019

Any questions can be directed to spposymposium2019@gmail.com 


Word cloud in English, Spanish, and Portuguese of words related to language and linguistics

The 22nd Annual Ohio State University Congress on Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (OSUCHiLL)

March 29-30, 2019, Columbus, OH


Call for Papers

We are excited to welcome Dr. Anna Maria Escobar and Dr. Patrica Amaral as keynote speakers. 

Dr. Anna Maria Escobar (Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Illiniois - Urbana Champaign) - Her research interests include Contact Linguistics and Bilingualism, Sociolinguistics and Dialectology, Dynamics of Language (Variation and Change), Historical Andean Sociolinguistics, Quechua/Spanish Contact, Morphology, Grammaticalization and Semantic Change.

Patricia Amaral (Associate Professor at Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University - Bloomington) - Here research interests include Syntax-Semantics Interface, Historical Linguistics (Syntactic and Semantic Change), Lexical Semantics, Romance Linguistics and Experimental Pragmatics. 

For more information contact:

Luana Lamberti

Paloma Pinillos Chávez