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Undergrad Career Development & Experiential Learning

Our undergraduate program offers a dynamic curriculum designed to enhance language proficiency and cultivate essential skills for success in diverse career paths. Through internships in various professional settings, students gain practical experience and valuable insights into potential career avenues. Discover the possibilities with us and kickstart your journey toward a fulfilling career shaped by language and culture.

For more ways to get involved and gain professional development experiences, visit our extracurricular and enrichment opportunities section on the undergraduate home page.  

Career Focused Curriculum

The following courses are designed for SPPO students to develop language proficiency and foster professional development essentials for advancing your career.

  • Spanish 3005: Career Exploration & Development with Spanish
    • This course surveys Spanish-relevant career paths. Spanish majors are given the opportunity to explore
      career interests and their associated requirements, set realistic professional goals, and increase
      awareness and access to the OSU support services available for student success. Each class session
      will feature experienced academics and professionals from a range of careers as guest speakers.
      Prereq: Spanish 1103 / 1113. This course is recommended for students majoring or minoring in Spanish.
  • Spanish 5689S: Spanish in Ohio: An Experiential Course 
    • Interaction with Hispanic and LatinX community organization representatives, educators and business leaders in Ohio; intensive & extensive practice with Spanish as spoken by native and heritage speakers from the U.S. & abroad. Fulfills the Experiential Component of the Spanish Major.
      Prereq: 3450 or 3450H.

The Spanish Minor for Business consists of minimum 15 credit hours beyond Spanish 2202 / 2213. A minimum grade of “C-” in all courses comprising the minor is required. 

  • Spanish 2506: Latin American Culture in a Business Context
    • Examination of cultural differences and similarities between the U.S. and Latin America to understand the effects of conducting business with competent cultural understanding. Taught in English. Course applies to the Spanish Minor for Business.
  • Spanish 3401: Advanced Grammar 
    • In-depth examination of difficult points of Spanish grammar; emphasis on comprehension of key grammatical concepts in the language.
      Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 2202 or 2213. Not open to students with credit for 3401H.
  • Spanish 3403(H) or Spanish 3413
    • Spanish 3403(H): Intermediate Spanish Composition
      • Spanish prose forms and practice in writing descriptive, narrative, and expository compositions.
        Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 2202 or 2213. May be taken concurrently with 3401, 3401H, and/or 3404. Not open to students with credit for 3413, 4603, or 4613.
    • Spanish 3413: Spanish for Heritage Speakers
      • Covers, reviews and practices grammatical structure through language, literature, and culture of the Hispanic world, as well as incorporate the experiences of heritage speakers in the United States. Students will produce writing in various forms & genres, including literary responses, expository essays, & short stories (narrative).
        Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 2202 or 2213. Prereq or concur: 3401, 3401H, or 3404. Not open to students with credit for 3403 or 3403H.
  • Spanish 3406: Intermediate Business Spanish
    • An introduction to business Spanish with emphasis on business terminology, commercial transactions, and international procedures.
      Prereq: 3403 (403), or 3403H (403H) with a grade of C- or higher. Not open to students with credit for 406. FL Admis Cond course.
  • Spanish 4606: Advanced Business Spanish
    • An in-depth study of the Hispanic economic, social, and cultural environment as it relates to business.
      Prereq: 3403 (403) or 3403H (403H), or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 606. FL Admis Cond course. 

Discover specialized courses catered to health professions students, crafted to enhance language proficiency in the health sciences alongside professional development opportunities crucial for your career advancement in the healthcare field.

  • Spanish 2504: Language, Culture & Communication in Latino Health
    • Examines how language, culture and communication shape the healthcare experiences of Latinos in the US. Considers the individual and social factors contributing to health inequalities and key theories and techniques for developing health communication interventions. Team-taught with a faculty member in the School of Communication.
      Prereq: Not open to students with credit for Comm 2704. GE diversity soc div in the US course. Cross-listed in Comm 2704.
  • Spanish 5201: Spanish in the Health Professions
    • Introduction to Spanish discourse about health and wellness within the cultural contexts of populations in the US and Latin America. Highlights the complex relationships between language, culture, and power in discourse on health and wellness.
      Prereq: 3403, or Grad standing and permission of instructor.
  • Spanish 5202: Spanish in the Health Professions II
    • This course introduces students to the practice of interviewing for health and human services in Spanish. The course analyzes the theoretical, ethical, and sociological dimensions of medical and motivational interviewing in the context of the Spanish-speaking population in the United States.
      Prereq: 5201, or permission of instructor.

Undergraduate students choosing to major in Spanish or Portuguese have a variety of academic, personal, and professional interests. To fulfill these interests, approximately 60% of our majors carry a double major or dual degree program during their undergraduate studies at OSU.

  • Spanish/Portuguese with Speech and Hearing Science
    • Speech & Hearing Science, Social & Behavioral Sciences B.A.: 33 credit hours
      Spanish, Humanities B.A.: 33 credit hours
      Portuguese, Humanities B.A.: 30 credit hours
    • Profession / Advanced Degree: Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology (M.A., Ph.D.),
      Hispanic Linguistics (M.A., Ph.D.), Education and Human Ecology (M.A., Ph.D.)
  • Spanish with Business
  • Spanish with World Language Education
    • World Language Education (Spanish), Education & Human Ecology, B.S.: 40 credit hours
      Spanish, Humanities B.A.: 33 credit hours
    • Profession / Advanced Degree: State Licensure for Teaching Spanish K-12 Second Language Acquisition 
  • Spanish with Psychology
    • Psychology, Social & Behavioral Sciences B.A.: 36 credit hours
      Psychology, Social & Behavioral Sciences B.S.: 36 credit hours
      Spanish, Humanities B.A.: 33 credit hours
    • Profession / Advanced Degree: Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology (M.A., Ph.D.), Hispanic
      Linguistics (M.A., Ph.D.), Education and Human Ecology (M.A., Ph.D.)
    • Students majoring in Spanish & Psychology work in diverse fields, 
      including health care, sales and marketing, human services and research.
  • Spanish with Neuroscience
    • Neuroscience, Social & Behavioral Sciences B.S.: 36 credit hours
      Spanish, Humanities B.A.: 33 credit hours
    • Professions / Advanced Degree Opportunities: The Neuroscience Department offers an excellent list of career opportunities available at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral levels for students with degrees in Neuroscience and Spanish.

Spanish or Portuguese Internship Credit (3191 / 5191)

Finding an Internship 
Students seeking internships to meet the requirements for Spanish or Portuguese (3191 or 5191) credit are encouraged to visit the ASC Center for Career and Professional Success for guidance.  The Center provides various internship and job resources, including The Ohio State University’s online career network and database Handshake, as well as resume and cover letter review.

Receiving Academic Credit in Spanish or Portuguese
Our Department offers students the opportunity to receive academic credit for internship experiences related to studies in Spanish and Portuguese. Students are required to complete and submit the Internship Enrollment Application by the posted deadline.  Once approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee, all signatures must be completed by the first Friday of the semester in which they are completing the internship. The following details how to apply for credit, enrollment requirements, and lists upcoming application deadlines.

Students wishing to receive Spanish or Portuguese (3191 or 5191) internship credit must submit the completed Internship Enrollment Request and Supervisor Agreement by the following deadlines:

  • Autumn Semester: August 1st
  • Spring Semester: December 1st 
  • Summer Term: April 1st

If your proposed internship is approved by the Undergraduate Studies Committee, then all signatures must be received by the first Friday of the semester in which you are completing the internship. No applications will be accepted or considered after the deadline.

The Ohio State University does not permit deferred internship credit. Students must enroll in Spanish or Portuguese 3191 or 5191 while interning. Credit is not available for internships that are already complete. There are no exceptions to this University policy.

Students can apply for 1-6 credits per internship experience. Spanish or Portuguese 3191 is repeatable up to 12 credits total (maximum of 6 credit hours per internship). Spanish or Portuguese 5191 is repeatable up to 12 credits total, with a maximum of 3 credits counting toward the Spanish or Portuguese Major or Minor programs. Each credit requires 40 hours of on-site work during the semester:

Credit hours and work expectations: This is a variable credit hour course:

  • 1cr = 40 total clock hours at the internship (~ 3 on-site hours/week)
  • 2cr = 80 total clock hours at the internship (~5-6 on-site hours/week) 
  • 3cr = 120 total clock hours at the internship (a~8-9 on-site hours/week) 
  • 4cr = 160 total clock hours at the internship (~10-11 on-site hours/week) 
  • 5cr = 200 total clock hours at the internship (~13-14 on-site hours/week)
  • 6cr = 240 total clock hours at the internship (~16 on-site hours/week)

To maintain academic integrity, all students seeking Spanish or Portuguese (3191 or 5191) internship credit must meet or exceed the following criteria:

  1. Intern must be in good academic standing with the University;
  2. Intern must be a regularly enrolled, degree-seeking student at The Ohio State University;
  3. The internship work will occur during the semester in which you are applying for credit. Credit is NOT given to internships that are already finished. Deferred credit is NOT available, as the practice is against OSU policy;
  4. Enrollment in 3191 or 5191 will not exceed the intern's registration limit of 18 credit hours. Students will be required to reduce desired internship credits, drop a class, or petition to increase your semester credit allowance prior to applying for credit for your internship;
  5. The internship job responsibilities are related to the study of language, literature and culture in Spanish or Portuguese and reflect work at the corresponding academic level; 
  6. Involvement in student organization activities or part-time jobs (e.g. retails sales, amusement park work, etc.) cannot count as internships, as they are not internships;
  7. The intern will have a supervisor who is a professional staff member of the work organization. The supervisor cannot be an undergraduate student at OSU or another university. The supervisor cannot be related to you;
  8. Internships where the student serves as an independent contractor or in similar capacities are not eligible for credit.

Approval/denial of any internship application is at the discretion of the Undergraduate Studies Committee in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.