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Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese (CELPE-Bras)

The Ohio State University is the only institution accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education to administer the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras) in the Midwest of U.S. Granted by Brazil's Ministry of Education, CELPE-Bras is the only Brazilian certificate of proficiency in "Portuguese as a foreign language" officially recognized by the Brazilian government. Celpe-Bras is useful for both professional and academic sectors. There are four levels of certification: intermediate, higher intermediate, advanced, and higher advanced. The exam consists of listening, reading, oral, and written productions.  

The exam is offered according to the Brazilian Ministry of Education's official initiative.

Access INEP's website to register: http://celpebras.inep.gov.br/celpebras/.

For further information, contact Dr. Ana Carolina dos Santos Marques (dossantosmarques.1@osu.edu).