Doctoral Dissertations and Placements


The following Doctoral Dissertations, organized by area of study and graduation year, reflect the breadth and depth that characterize the research of our graduate students. Our students’ placements reveal that you can find alumni from our Ph.D. programs across many different institutions, both national and international.


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Hispanic Linguistics


James Leow. An Amphichronic Analysis of Modals of Necessity in Cuban Spanish. Curriculum Specialist for Duolingo Corporation.

Oihane Muxika Loitzate. The Role of Bilingualism in Phonological Neutralization: Sibilant Mergers in the Case of Basque-Spanish Contact. Visiting Professor at Universidad de Navarra, Spain.


Mark Hoff. Settledness and Mood Variation: A Semantic-Pragmatic Analysis of Spanish Future-Framed Adverbials. Postdoctoral with the Language @ Work consortium at Ghent University, Belgium.



Meghan Dabkowski. Variable Vowel Reduction in Mexico City Spanish. Assistant Professor at University of Delaware. 

Devin Grammon. Acquiring Cuzco. Marginalized Languages, Ideology, and Study Abroad in Peru. Assistant Professor at University of Oregon.

Elena Jaime Jiménez. Variable use of Plural Address Forms in Andalusian Spanish. Lecturer at The Ohio State University. 

Ramón Padilla Reyes. Connections among Scales, Plurality, and Intensionality in Spanish. Lecturer at The Ohio State University. 


Carmelo Bazaco. Ser and Estar in Spanish. A Scalar Account. Freelance translator in Spain.

Lorena Sainz-Maza. Interactions among Focus, Exhaustivity, and Constituent Order in Spanish and Basque. Linguist ontologist at Facebook Corporation.


Miguel Garcia. The Intonation of Peruvian Amazonian Spanish: Rising Accents and Segmental Factors. Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University.

Karen Lopez-Alonzo. Rhotic Production in the Spanish of Bluefields, Nicaragua, a Language Contact Situation.  Assistant Professor at Baylor University.


Christina Garcia. Gradience and Variability of Intervocalic /s/ Voicing in Highland Ecuadorian Spanish.  Assistant Professor at St. Louis University.

Mary Beaton. Coda Liquid Production and Perception in Puerto Rican Spanish. Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison University.

Hannah Washington. Variable Object Clitic Placement: Evidence from European and Brazilian Portuguese. Linguistic Project Manager at Appen. 



Jennifer Barajas. A Sociophonetic Investigation of Unstressed Vowel Raising in the Spanish of a Rural Mexican Community. Assistant Professor at Bradley University.


Sonia Barnes. Morphophonological Variation in Urban Asturian Spanish: Language Contact and Regional Identity. Assistant Professor at Marquette University.

Whitney Chappell. Social and Linguistic Factors Conditioning the Glottal Stop in Nicaraguan Spanish. Associate Professor at University of Texas, San Antonio.

Mary Johnson. The Pragmatic Alternation Between Two Negative Imperatives in Argentinian Spanish. Lecturer at The Ohio State University.

Daniela Salcedo. Defining Andeanness away from the Andes: Language Attitudes and Linguistic Ideologies in Lima, Peru. Lecturer at Princeton University.

André Zampaulo. When Synchrony Meets Diachrony: (Alveolo)Palatal Sound Patterns in Spanish and Other Romance Languages. Associate Professor at California State, Fullerton.


Meghan Elizabeth Armstrong. The Development of Yes-No Question Intonation in Puerto Rican Spanish. Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

Pilar Chamorro. Pluractionality and Aspectual Structure in the Galician Spanish tener-perfect. Assistant Professor at University of Georgia.


Patricia Andueza. Rhetorical Exclamatives in Spanish. Associate Professor at University of Evansville.

Juliana de la Mora. A Quantitative Approach to Variable SE-Marking in Spanish Ingestive Verbs. Catedrática at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, México.

Steven Fondow. Spanish Velar-Insertion and Analogy: A Usage-based Diachronic Analysis. Lecturer at University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

Melvin González-Rivera. On the Internal Structure of Spanish Verbless Clauses. Associate Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.

Ian Robert Tippets. Differentical Object Marking: A Quantitative Study. Assistant Professor at Lewis-Clark State College.

Sandro Sessarego. Aspects of the Syntax of Afro-Bolivian Spanish Determiner Phrase. Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin.


María Alejandra González-Pérez. Dependencia contextual e interpretación: Demostrativos y pronombres en español. Assistant Professor at University of Houston.

Sarah T. Sinnott. Address Forms in Peninsular Spanish: Convention and Implicature. Assistant Professor at University of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Thomas W. Stovicek. A Developmental History of the Hispano-Romance Verb Conjugations. Independent Scholar. 

Su Ar Lee. Absolute Interrogative Intonations in Buenos Aires Spanish. Senior Lecturer at University of Florida. 



Manuel Delicado-Cantero. The Syntax of Spanish Prepositional Finite Clauses in a Historical and Cross-linguistics Perspective. Lecturer at Australian National University. 

Edith Hernández. Resolución de hiatos en verbos -ear en español mexicano: un estudio sociofonético. Catedrática at Universidad de Quintana Roo, Mexico. 


Magdalena Mejía-Gómez. ándale, apágale, ¡órale!: La (socio)pragmática de la construcción le en el español mexicano. Catedrática at Universidad de las Américas, Mexico. 

Asela Reig-Alamillo. Cross Dialectal Variability in Propositional Anaphora: A Quantitative and Pragmatic Study of Null Objects in Mexican and Peninsular Spanish. Catedrática at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztabalapa, Mexico. 

Iker Zulaica-Hernández. Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish: A Discourse-Based Study. Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Indianapolis. 


David B. Alexander. The Spanish Postnominal Demonstrative in Synchrony and Diachrony. Independent Scholar. 

Luiz Alexandre Amaral. Designing Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems for Integration into Foreign Language Instruction. Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

Patricia Matos Amaral. The Meaning of Approximative Adverbs: Evidence from European Portuguese. Assistant Professor at Indiana University, Bloomington. 


Chad Howe. Cross-Dialectal Features of the Spanish Present Perfect: A Typological Analysis of Form and Function. Associate Professor at University of Georgia. 


Amanda Boomershine. Perceptual Processing of Variable Input in Spanish: an Exemplar-Based Approach. Associate Professor at University of North Carolina, - Wilmington. 

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Iberian Studies



Bethany Gilliam. The Monstrous Guide to Madrid: The Grotesque Mode in the Novels of Villa y Corte (1599-1657).


Bethany Gilliam. The Monstrous Guide to Madrid: The Grotesque Mode in the Novels of the Villa y Corte (1599-1657). Teacher at Colegio Móstoles Madrid, Spain. 


Catherine Sundt. Constructing Madrileños: The Reciprocal Development of Madrid and its Residents (1833 - 1868). Assistant Professor at Rhodes College.


Rachael Jean Gulish. A Pilgrimage from Periphery to Paradise: Changing Images of Galicia in Modern Pilgrim Accounts on the Camino de Santiago. Specialist in Spanish language curriculum development in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Kirk Edward Komocki. The Representation of Domestic Servants in Eighteenth-Century Spanish Theatre. Senior Lecturer at University of Rochester.

Anne Marie Pouchet. La sensibilidad católica de Juan Manuel de Prada: escritor de ficción y periodista. Lecturer at University of West Indies, Trinidad y Tobago.

Laurie Lynn Urraro. Eroticizing the Margins: Sex and Sexuality in Contemporary Female-Authored Spanish Drama. Assistant Teaching Professor at Penn State University, Behren.



Timothy Ashton. The Phenomenon of 'Fútbol' in Spain: A Study of 'Fitbol' in Spanish Politics, Literature and Film. Assistant Professor at University of South Carolina, Aiken.

Jason Busic. Saving the Lost Sheep: Mission and Culture in Pedro Guerra de Lorca's "Catecheses Mystagogicae pro aduenis ex secta Mahometana: Ad Paroches and Patestates (1586)". Assistant Professor at Denison University. 

Carmen Grace. El Predicador Real Fray Alonso de Cabrera (1549?-1598) y el poder de la palabra: elocuencia y compromiso en el sagrado ministerio de la predicación. Associate Professor at College of Charleston, South Carolina. 

María Ester Rincón. Las fuentes del Romanticismo en España: "No me olvides. Periódico de Literaturea y Bellas Artes" (1837-1838). Lecturer at Tufts University. 


Francisco Javier Mora-Contreras. Las raíces del duende: lo sublime, lo trágico en el cante jondo. Profesor Titular at University de Alicante, Spain.  

Matías Martínez-Abeijón. Identidad, mito y prescripción: una nueva ola de realismo en España. El cine de Icíar Bollaín, Fernando León, Achero Mañas y Benito Zambrano en el cambio de siglo. Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University. 

Lucía Yang. La obra de Santa Teresa: La vida y Las moradas—una perspectiva taoista, confucionista y budista. Professor at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan. 


Tamara Laura Townsend. Memory in the Narrative Works of Soledad Puertolas. Associate Professor at Wheaton College. 


Luis Alvarez-Castro. La función del lector en la prosa metaliteraria de Miguel de Unamuno. Professor at University of Florida. 

Judith García-Quismondo (Reyes). La representación visual de Sevilla en la comedia del Siglo de Oro. Associate Professor at Seton Hill University. 

Jorge Machín-Lucas. La espiral ontológica poética búsqueda íntimo-mística en los albores de la premodernidad. Associate Professor at University of Winnipeg. 

Rosa Matorras. Musa del septentrión: a caballo entre dos estéticas. Senior Lecturer at Dartmouth College. 

George Yuri Porras. Musical Scenes in the Minor, Secular, and Religious Works of Agustín Moreto y Cabaña (1618-1669). Professor of Spanish at Texas State University.

María Nieves Pujalte. The Mediterranean Levantine Landscape as Seen by the 18th and 19th Century Travelers. Associate Professor at Texas State University.

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Latin American Cultural and Literary Studies


Laura Fernandez. Giving the Midwestern White Gaze a Latinx Spin: Mediated Latinx Lives in the American Heartland. Visiting Assistant Professor at Bates College.

Héctor Iglesias. Chile coliza: cuerpos, espacios discursivos y redes sociales en la literatura y el cine chileno contemporáneo de temática LGBTQ. Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages and Linguistics at New Mexico State University.

Olivia Cosentino. Regimes of Youth and Emotion: Stardom, affect and modernity in Mexico's mediascapes, 1950-1996. Online Instructor of Spanish in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of South Carolina.

Caroline Shipley. Actualizing Sonic, Visual, and Physical Territories of Hope: An Examination of Contemporary Practices of Autonomy in Andean Urban Spaces. Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State University.


Stacey Alex. Resisting Erasure: Undocumented Latinx Narratives. Assistant Professor of Spanish at Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa.

Verónica Torres. The Middle East in the Mexican Imaginary: Orientalism and Hybrid Identities in Contemporary Mexican Literature. Visiting Assistant Professor at Wittenberg University, Ohio.



John Cruz. "Deber ser": Discursos sociales en Colombia sobre la moralidad y el comportamiento femenino en el cine silente y publicaciones periódicas durante el periodo de 1890-1930. Assistant Professor at Community College of Denver. 

Victoria Marquez. Los "más alentados y empolvados comerciantes". Subjetividades mercantiles y escritura en el Tucumán colonial. 


Jessica Rutherford. The Company of Jesus in Colonial Brazil and Mexico: Missionary Encounters with Amerindian Healers and Spiritual Leaders, 1550-1625. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Miguel Valerio. Kings of the Kongo, Slaves of the Virgin Mary: Black Religious Confraternities Performing Cultural Identity in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic. Assistant Professor at Washington University.


Mónica García-Blizzard. The Indigenismos of Mexican Cinema before and through the Golden Age: Ethnographic Spectacle, "Whiteness," and Spiritual Otherness. Assistant Professor at Emory University. 

Stephanie Aubry. El Salvador in the Age of Financial Capitalism: Democracy, Biocapitalism and the reduction to Bare Life.  Lecturer at The Ohio State University.

Lynn Marie Healy. Framing the Victim: Gender, Representation and Recognition in Post-conflict Peru. Assistant Professor at Mississippi University for Women. 

Omar Salinas. En busca de lo popular en el proceso de construcción de la nación.  Assistant Professor at the University of North Georgia.


Patricia Arroyo Calderón. Cada uno en su sitio y cada cosa en su lugar. Imaginarios de desigualdad en América Central (1870-1900).  Assistant Professor at University of California, Los Angeles.

Samuel Cruz. São Paulo and Buenos Aires: Urban Cinematic Representation in Contemporary Latin America. Assistant Professor at Marietta College. 

Daniel Dinca. Gold, Landscape, and Economy in Cristobal de Acuña's Nuevo Descubrimiento del Gran Río de las Amazonas (1641). Lecturer at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Jorge Mauricio Espinoza. Inventing the Latino/a Hero: 'Legality' and the Representation of Latino/a Heroic Figures in U.S. Film, Television, and Comics. Assistant Professor at University of Cincinnati. 

Bradley Hilgert. Beyond Martyrdom: The Testimonial Voice of Ignacio Ellacuría and the Convergence of His Critical Thinking From Central America in Salvadoran Literature. Catedrático at Universidad de las Artes, Guayaquil, Ecuador.

David McLaughlin. Sampling Hip Hop and Making 'Noiz': Transcultural Flows, Citizenship, and Identity in the Contestatory Space of Brazilian Hip Hop. Visiting Assistant Professor - Mellon Postdoctorate Fellow, Denison University.

Alicia Miklos. Mediated Intimacies: Legal, Literary, and Journalistic Textualities of Gender Violence in Post-War Nicaragua. Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University.

Teddy F. Palomino. Literatura dentro de la literatura: la reflexión del oficio literario en la obra de Roberto Bolaño. Lecturer at The Ohio State University.

John Stephen Petrus. Gender Transgression and Hegemony: the Politics of Gender Expression and Sexuality in Contemporary Managua. Assistant Professor at Grinnell College.

Stephen Tobin. Visual Dystopias from Mexico’s Speculative Fiction: 1993-2008.  Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California, Los Angeles.



Melissa K. Doran. (De)humanizing Narratives of Terrorism in Spain and Peru. Assistant Professor at Wayne State University.

Kristina Escondo. Anti-colonial Archipelagos: Expressions of Agency and Modernity in the Caribbean and the Philippines, 1880-1910. Assistant Professor at Otterbein College.

Juan Pablo Gómez Lacayo. Masculine/National Authorities; Catholic/Military Citizenships. Catedrático Titular at Universidad Centroamericana, Nicaragua. 

Claudia Happel. Decadent Wealth, Degenerate Morality, Dominance and Devotion: the Discordant Iconicity of the Rich Mountain of Potosí. Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University.

Nyanda J. Redwood. Genocide in Guatemala: Geopolitical Systems of Death and Power. Independent Scholar.


Douglas Bush. Selling a Feeling: New Approaches Toward Recent Gay Chicano Authors and Their Audience. Assistant Professor at Converse College.

Amanda Matousek. Born of Coatlicue: Literary Inscriptions of Women in Violence from the Mexican Revolution to the Drug War. Assistant Professor at Wofford College.

Jared Paul List. (De)colonial narratives: Rubén Darío, V.S. Naipaul and Simone Schwarz-Bart. Assistant Professor at Doane University.


Lina Ximena Aguirre. Entre el vértigo y la vulnerabilidad: precariedad de globalización en el arte chileno actual. Curator at Moebius Animación Project, Colombia.

Elizabeth Bell. Sacred Inheritance: Cultural Resistance and Contemporary Kaqchikel-Maya Spiritual Practices. Assistant Professor at Ball State University.

Alejandro Hernández Jacky. Inkin',Taggin', Flashin', and Flowin': Defining Group Identity Through Mara Salvatrucha. Spanish Teacher at Columbus Academy.


Jennifer Carolina Gómez Menjívar. Liminal Citizenry: Black Experience in the Central American Intellectual Imagination. Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Mariana A. Lacunza Mendizábal. Digital aesthetics and notions of identity in contemporary Bolivian filmmaking = Estéticas digitales y nociones de identidad en el cine boliviano contemporáneo. Profesora Plena at Universidad Privada Boliviana. 

Grant Daryl Moss. Political Poetry in the Wake of the Second Spanish Republic: Rafael Alberti, Pablo Neruda, and Nicolás Guillén. Associate Professor at Pittsburg State University.


María Teresa Beltrán-Aponte. Hearing with the Eyes: Voice in Written and Visual Discourses and the Ghost of a Contemporary Warrior. Catedrática at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

Guadalupe Raquel Pina. Staging the Subject: Traces of Globalization in Contemporary Argentinean Cinema. Instructor at Columbus State University. 

Diana Mabel Ruggiero. Más allá del fútbol: La bomba, the Afrochoteno Subaltern, and Cultural Change in Ecuador's Chota-Mira Valley. Assistant Professor at University of Memphis. 



Fernando A. Blanco. Deviants, Dissidents, Perverts: Chile Post Pinochet. Associate Professor at Bucknell University. 

Carmen Gómez Gómez. Familia y cine mexicano en el marco del neoliberalismo. Estudio crítico de "Por la libre, Perfume de violetas, Amar te duele y Temporada de patos". Docente/Investigador at Universidad de Guadalajara.

Lauren Hendricks. Violence in Perú, 1980-2000: Trauma's Unresolved Memories. Senior Analyst at 3Gimbals, Florida. 

Alma B. Kuhlemann. Bonded by Reading: An Interrogation of Feminist Praxis in the Works of Marcela Serrano in the Light of its Reception by a Sample of Women Readers. Translation Coordinator & Spanish Interpreter at University of Louisville Hospital.

Diego Mattos Vazualdo. Hacia una nación urgente: nación, descolonización en Bolivia en la época globalizada. Spanish Teacher at Pingree School, South Hamilton, Massachusetts.


Christopher Dennis. Afro-Colombian Hip-Hop: Globalization, Popular Music and Ethnic Identities. Independent Scholar. 

Hugo García. Detrás de la imagen d ela ciudad virreinal: Subjetividad, violencia y fragmentación. Associate Professor at Western Washington University.


Shannon Marie Butler. Travel Narratives in Dialogue:Contesting Representations of 19th c. Peruvian Culture. Associate Professor at Marshall University. 

Susan Wiebe Drake. María Félix: The Last Great Diva of Mexican Cinema. Independent Scholar.

Jesús Manuel Gómez-Fernández. Viajeros por América Central: Geografía, sujetos y contradiscursos. Associate Professor at Iona College. 

Ruth María Tenorio Gochez. Periódicos y cultura impresa en El Salvador (1824-1850): "Cuan rápidos pasos da este pueblo hacia la civilización europea". Catedrática at Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Francisco Villena-Garrido. Discursividades de la autoficción y topografías narrativas del sujeto posnacional en la obra de Fernando Vallejo. Manager at Escola Oficial D'Idiomes Alacant, Spain.

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Studies of the Portuguese-Speaking World


Clara Carolyne Fachini Zanirato. The Discrepancy of the Eye: Identity  Development of Nikkei Communities in  Brazil and Peru (1900-Present). Assistant Professor of Portuguese at West Point.

Ana Carolina dos Santos Marques. John Casper Branner, Joaquim Nabuco, and Oliveira Lima: The Promotion of Luso-Brazilian Culture in The United States.

Romeu Foz. Uma literatura das ausências: o colonialismo português e os seus rescaldos em ficções de autoria feminina (2009 até ao presente). Lecturer and Coordinator of the Portuguese Program in the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics at the University College-Dublin, Ireland.



Steven P. Lownes Johnny. “`Joãozinho'; Reb: The Creation and Evolution of Confederate Identity in Brazil”. Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages at the University of South Carolina Union, Palmetto College.


Gabriel Mordoch. New Christian Identity and Early Modern Portuguese Oceanic Expansion. Librarian at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Transatlantic Cultural and Literary Studies


Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández. Symbolic and Global Violence in Contemporary Mexican and Spanish Crime Fiction. Assistant Professor at Villanova University.