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Graduate Assessment: Research Paper/Dissertation

This form is used to evaluate the following graduate LEARNING GOALS #2, 3, 4:

  • Students should demonstrate the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for successful research in their selected major and minor fields.
  • Students should be independent researchers.
  • Students should offer an original contribution to their field of specialization through their 2nd year research paper and/or dissertation.

Use of Rubric
The rubric will be used by advisors during two written evaluation events in the Integrated M.A./Ph.D. Program for Spanish and Portuguese: the Research/M.A. paper at the end of the second year and the dissertation.

Please fill out the following fields and use the rubric below to evaluate the student.

Explanation of Ranking:
Exceeds Expectations: Student goes above and beyond normal expectations of graduate work (e.g. has a clear and advanced understanding of the current state of knowledge and implications for future research).
Meets Expectations: Student meets the requirements. (e.g. organized, understands concepts, progressing at expected rate)
Meets Some Expectations: Student has fulfilled some of the requirements but progressing at a less than adequate or expected rate (e.g. understands expectations but has not demonstrated conceptual understanding at the anticipated level).
Does Not Meet Expectations: Student does not grasp requirements or expectations of graduate work and is performing at an inadequate level (e.g. data collection and analyses are not properly performed)
Not Applicable: In this specific circumstance, not applicable to the student. Explain in final comments or an attached document.

Overall Rating: Rubric for evaluation of Research/MA paper & Dissertation
Check one of the following as your overall assessment
For each Learning Outcome/Attribute of Student/Criteria please select a ranking (check mark a box):
Demonstrates the theoretical knowledge to conduct research in their field
Interprets and presents a review of the relevant literature to support their research and conclusions
Uses appropriate methodologies to investigate their topic if inquiry
Appropriately interprets findings from their research
Works independently

If you have any questions, please contact Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza.