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Procedures for Receiving Support

The Procedures for Receiving Support are as follows:

  1. No later than three weeks before the activity, fill out the Application for Graduate Student Travel Support.  The Graduate Studies Committee will then review your application. 
  2. If approved, you will need to submit a spend authorization in Workday. 
  3. During your travel, keep a log of expenses and all original receipts (except for meals). These will be used in your expense reporting process. *Alcohol is not reimbursable
  4. After returning, you will need to submit expense reports in Workday that are linked to your spend authorization for reimbursement.
  5. If you choose to travel with your family or friends, only expenses for the OSU Employee are eligible for reimbursement, including, but not limited to airfare, lodging (with appropriate receipt), and per diem.

For more extensive information, please see below. If you need any help or additional information, please contact the Department Fiscal Associate.


* The entire university travel policy can be found here and is subject to change. Travel FAQs



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