Procedures for Receiving Support


The Procedures for Receiving Support are as follows:

  1. No later than three weeks before the activity, fill out the Application for Graduate Student Travel Support.  The Graduate Studies Committee will then review your application. 
  2. If approved, you will need to submit an estimate of travel expense on the Pre-Trip Worksheet  to the Fiscal Associate. If this step is not complete, a Travel Number (T#) will not be issued and no travel reimbursement will be processed. T#s cannot be issued after the travel is in progress.
  3. During your travel, keep a log of expenses and all original receipts (except for meals). *Alcohol is not reimbursable
  4. After returning, you will need to submit the Travel Reimbursement Worksheet  to request a reimbursement of your travel expenses.
  5. If you choose to travel with your family or friends, only expenses for the OSU Employee are eligible for reimbursement, including, but not limited to airfare, lodging (with appropriate receipt), and per diem.

For more extensive information, please see below. If you need any help or additional information, please contact the Department Fiscal Associate.


* The entire university travel policy can be found here and is subject to change. Travel FAQs

Pre-Trip Worksheet

Fill-out the worksheet as completely as possible, making note of the following information. The Worksheet must be submitted to the Department Fiscal Associate at least two weeks prior to the departure date.

Business Purpose:

  • Explains what the trip is for, the dates of the conference, the name of the conference, the city of the conference, what paper you are presenting etc. 
  • If you are doing research, what and where you are researching, as well as whether research is in museums or library archives


  • Although this field says “optional” on the form it is required in our department
  • List all sources of funding for the trip. Any documentation of the funding (letters of acceptance, etc.) should be included with the submission of pre-trip materials
  • Cash Advances:
    • OSU students traveling on behalf of the university may request a cash advance up to 100% of the total estimated cost.  To request this, mark it on the Pre-Trip Worksheet.
    • The cash advance cannot be used to purchase airfare
    • The cash advance will be given up to two weeks before the departure date


  • Complete itinerary of all cities with respective dates
  • If you are leaving more than 1 day before or coming back more than 1 day after the dates of business, and you are not doing research, an ASC Comparison Form must also be submitted

Booking Flights

Students traveling for university-funded research/conferences may follow either of the following options:

  1. You may pay for the airfare yourself and be reimbursed.  If this option is chosen, you must still receive authorization for reimbursement prior to departure by submitting the Pre-Trip Worksheet. All handling of the ticket is your responsibility. You will be reimbursed following submission of the original airline receipt after your travel upon submission of the Travel Reimbursement Worksheet to the Fiscal Associate.
  2. You may receive a pre-paid ticket from the University without having to disburse any of your own funds as long as you have been approved for enough funds to cover the entire expense of the ticket. In this case, at least three weeks prior to departure, submit the Pre-Trip Worksheet with all basic information about travel days and preferred times (it is better to have definite flights in mind when turning in your paper work). Once your travel is approved and a T# is issued, you may work with CTP/Concur to book your ticket. Log on to Concur to book the flight OR call/email CTP (855-784-9282 or with your flight screenshot and T# for help from an experienced travel agent.  Once the ticket is purchased, you will receive an email notification with your travel itinerary. Please let the Department Fiscal Associate know if you need any changes made as soon as possible to avoid any penalties in changing flight times.

Rental Car


  • If you plan to drive instead of fly, you must provide an ASC Travel Comparison Form that shows driving is cheaper than flying and include airfare comparisons (screenshots) from CTP and your rental car estimates


  • Rental cars now must be purchased through the OSU rental car portal
  • You will be given the option to direct bill the rental car to a department in OSU. This is a very specific department and your rental is not eligible, so please select “no”
  • Receipts must show that the OSU discount was used (booking through the business portal as required will show this information) and that the required insurances were included


  • Refills should be done at an off-airport gas station
  • Refills provided by the car rental company will generally not be refunded


Travel Reimbursement Worksheet

Fill out the worksheet as completely as possible. Return the completed worksheet with receipt copies to the Fiscal Associate within 90 days of your return for traditional reimbursements and 30 days for travel using a cash advance.


  • Must be itemized
  • Must show form of payment (last 4 digits of credit card, cash, etc.)
  • If a payment is charged in two or more installments, both receipts or a single receipt showing the total payment has been made must be submitted
  • Tips over 20% will not be reimbursed and the 20% tip should be calculated and written on the receipt

Currency Conversions:


  • Receipts must be itemized (i.e. nightly rate, cleaning and service fees, etc must be shown)

Multiple People:

  • If there were multiple people sharing a room, you must show (via screenshots) the room costs for one person versus multiple people
  • If payment was split between multiple people sharing a room, submit the full paid lodging receipt and verification of the payment (PayPal/Venmo etc) showing who paid whom and why. If this is not available, an email stating this information from the payee will suffice

Non-Traditional Lodging:

  • If you are using an alternative housing arrangement (renting a room in a private home not on AirBnB or another homeshare site), you must have permission from the department chair before you leave and forward that email as a part of your post-trip submission


  • Provide a PDF of the conference itinerary or a link to the conference site
  • Provide a registration receipt with participant’s name



  • All reimbursement submissions must include pre-paid airfare itinerary, if this was your mode of transportation. This must be the final copy, showing all departures, arrivals, layovers, meals, baggage and a final paid ticket price
  • Upgrade charges to economy plus or to choose specific seats are not reimbursable unless there is an ADA approved medical reason

Personal Vehicle:

  • For mileage reimbursements, please include a map/screenshot showing the departure and arrival addresses, and total miles traveled
  • If you chose to drive out-of-state for travel the ACS Comparison form must be completed showing that it is cheaper to drive

Taxis, Buses, Rideshares, Metros:

  • Receipt should include origin, destination, tip, and total fare
  • Maximum tip of 20%

Per Diem:

  • The rate is set by the General Services Administration (for US cities) or the State Department (for international cities)
  • If you are attending a conference, please provide information (program/itinerary) showing whether meals are included or not
  • Per Diem is allowed only for business purpose related days. If vacation time is added onto a trip, those days (as well as travel) are not included in per diem

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