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Alumni Highlight: Focus on Excellence with Dr. Diana Ruggiero  

June 10, 2022

Alumni Highlight: Focus on Excellence with Dr. Diana Ruggiero  

Dr. Diana Ruggiero

The OSU Department of Spanish and Portuguese would like to congratulate our alumna Dr. Diana Ruggiero on the publication of her book Teaching World Languages for Specific Purposes: A Practical Guide.  

This practical guide delves into world language for specific purposes (WLSP), or how learned language may be applied to a profession or to something of personal interest. WLSP goes beyond just the professions, e.g., medical interpreting, to also include cultural practices and real-world experiences, such as traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or interacting with Spanish-speaking members in your own community. During our interview, Ruggiero spoke passionately about her life’s work, saying “WLSP is a methodology, rooted in empathy and compassion, that can be applied to all languages and disciplines. It starts with the student’s interests, which allows them to stay motivated in learning a language for their specific purpose.” The book helps instructors create new opportunities for teaching WLSP to their students. Although useful, Ruggiero admits the books should be supplemented with training, workshops, conversations, and assessments for each institution’s needs and students’ interests.  

Ruggiero would like everyone to know “this guide is an invitation to revisit and compliment, not completely change, but to explore and upgrade how language instructors will apply language for specific purposes.” Overall, the book provides the means to explore WLSP and help language instructors incorporate this methodology into their current practices. Dr. Ruggiero’s practical guide is available for purchase through Georgetown University Press.