Presenting at the Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference

November 14, 2022

Presenting at the Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference

Amanda, Michelle, and Anais after their presentation

When kawsay waqaychaqkuna saw the call for this year’s annual Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference – Practicing and Cultivating Humanizing Ways of Being in Education in the Pursuit of Social Justice – they knew it would be a perfect opportunity to share their values and pedagogies with a larger audience. The C&P call specified that they “hope to share space and discourse with educators, theorists, artists, students, and activists, as they practice and cultivate ways of being and doing that offer an alternative to white supremacist, normative, and neoliberal stances toward curriculum and pedagogy”; our pedagogies, inspired by Andean and Amazonian epistemologies as embodied in the Kawsay Ukhunchay collection, exemplify alternative ways of being in higher education, and they were thrilled to have their paper accepted and to present at the 2022 conference in State College, PA, at the end of October.  

Michelle, Amanda, and Anais represented the collective together, and strove to trouble the traditional academic conference formats through a dialogic, non-hierarchical presentation format. They even brought some of their collection so people could hold the story gourds, see the retablos, touch some weavings as they gathered together and shared their experiences. Their conference paper, titled “Pukllay Pampa: Andean-Inspired Time-Spaces for Learning and Unlearning,” spoke to the ways in which kawsay waqaychaqkuna embraces a pluriversal model of time/space to center relationships with cariño in their work together as curators.  

They are looking forward to adapting the paper for publication – stay tuned! In the meantime, they are sharing their bibliography here: Curriculum and Pedagogy Conf –Pukllay Pampa Presentation.