Prof. Lisa Voigt Completes Fellowship

August 31, 2017
Prof. Lisa Voigt working at John Carter Brown Library

Prof. Lisa Voigt just completed a two-week Collaborative Cluster Fellowship (Aug. 7-18) at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University in Providence, RI, where she was conducting research with Prof. Stephanie Leitch (Art History, Florida State University) for their book project tentatively entitled "The Epistemology of the Copy in Early Modern Travel Narratives." Mining the JCB's unparalleled collection of early modern travel reports for recycled illustrations and iconography, they found copied images to be a critical part of the early modern printer's apparatus. Their project aims to credit the copied print as an important cornerstone of publishing history and the circulation of information about distant places and peoples. Insofar as repetition encouraged and standardized knowledge, the recycled image also contributes to the development of visual literacy. This project builds on an article that Prof. Voigt initiated while a long-term fellow at the JCB in 2012, "The Traveling Illustrations of Sixteenth-Century Travel Narratives," which she coauthored with Elio Brancaforte (German, Tulane University) and published in PMLA in 2014 (129.3). Together with Profs. Brancaforte and Leitch, she plans to submit applications for long-term collaborative fellowships, and the Cluster Fellowship at the JCB served as the perfect launching pad for their larger collaboration.