Professor Aldama Discusses Latinx Art in The New York Times

September 14, 2017
"Las Locas," Teddy Sandoval, 1980 - a painting

Professor Frederick Luis Aldama of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese was quoted this week in an article in The New York Times discussing the language and concept of Latinx and Chicanx (gender-inclusive alternatives to the terms Latino/a and Chicano/a) as they relate to Latinx art and studies. In the article, Professor Aldama is credited for changing the name of The Ohio State University's high school outreach program, LASER, to the Latinx Space for Enrichment and Research. His new book is also titled "Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics." Prof. Aldama is quoted saying, "[My students] feel so empowered by this term, it's hard not to follow them." 

Read the entire article here.