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Mikel Bermello Isusi

Mikel Bermello Isusi

Mikel Bermello Isusi

Graduate Teaching Associate
they / ze / e (multiple)


272 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Road
Columbus, OH

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Office Hours

Fridays, 1-2pm

Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary Iberian Studies
  • Visual Studies (Comics, Film)
  • Queer Studies, Disability Studies


  • MA/PhD in Spanish Lit. and Culture, 2018 - currently. The Oho State University
  • MA in Spanish Lit. and Culture, 2016-18. University of Kansas
  • MA in Teaching English as FL, 2014-15. Universidad de Salamanca
  • B.A., English Philology, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2013

I study Contemporary Iberian Literatures and Cultures. My dissertation focuses on the intersection of (dis)ability, empathy and the formation of the self in Spanish graphic memoirs. It follows the research I have developed and published in the past. In "'I'm trapped in here!': Gender Performativity and Affect in Emma Ríos’s 'ID'", I explored how queer lives, such as the fictional character Noa's in "I.D.", will improve with more welcoming and understanding social interactions. Later, in "Questioning the Inescapable Male Gaze in Altarriba and Kim's 'El arte de volar' and 'El ala rota'", I analysed and explained how readers' position when reading has the potential to challenge or conform to the social conventions and the authors' point of view.

I also have creative writing projects, and I am currently working on an autobiographical text that allows me to explore these topics --mental health, illness, gender and sexuality, the formation of the self. Through different cultural products that help me explain how I understand these concerns and myself, I can continue to delve into social norms and understanding oneself in and despite socialization. 

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