Wayne Redenbarger

Associate Professor Emeritus, Hispanic Linguistics
Emeritus Faculty

- M.A. Harvard University - Profs: Steven Anderson, Calvert Watkins, Morris Halle (MIT)
- Ph.D. Harvard University Romance Linguistics - Advisor: Dwight Bolinger; Profs: Francis Rogers, James Harris (MIT), Paul Kiparsky (MIT)

Scholarly Interests
Portuguese Philology: Diachronic Phonology & Morphology of Portuguese; Variation and abbreviations in medieval Portuguese manuscripts
Romance Linguistics: Latin Morphophonology; Evolution of Latin into West-Romance
Roman Lusitania: Latin Epigraphy; Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon. Torre de Palma excavation

Teaching Experience

  • Indiana University:  Intro. to Linguistics – Honors Undergrad Teaching Intern
  • Harvard University: Intro. to Linguistics - Fellow
  • Boston University: Portuguese language -  Lecturer
  • Univ. of Massachusetts at North Dartmouth: Portuguese Linguistics; Portuguese/English comparative linguistics
  • The Ohio State University: Portuguese language, translation, current affairs; Portuguese linguistics (Portuguese phonology, Portuguese phonetics, From Latin to Portuguese); Romance Linguistics (Latin morphophonology I & II West Romance); Linguistics Dept. (Intro. to Linguistics); English Dept. (History of the English Language)

- Phi Beta Kappa
- National Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Linguistics
- Distinguished Faculty Member, OSU Mortar Board Honorary
- Semifinalist, OSU University Distinguished Teaching Award
- President, Ω Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa
- Visiting Scientist, Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT
- Faculty Member, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Linguistic Society of America

Administrative Experience — OSU
- Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Humanities
- Director, University Center for International Studies
- Director, Ph.D. program in Romance Linguistics
- Director, Portuguese program

- United States Navy: Naval Security Group
- Defense Language Institute, Monterey California
- National Cryptologic School, Ft. Geo. G. Meade Maryland

Areas of Expertise
  • Portuguese Philology
  • Romance Linguistics
  • Roman Lusitania
  • B.A., Portuguese and Linguistics, Indiana University (Summa cum Laude)
  • M.A., Harvard University
  • Ph.D., Romance Linguistics, Harvard University

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