Spanish and Portuguese Reading Exams for Graduate Students


Portuguese Graduate Reading Exam

  • This proficiency exam is designed for students not enrolled in the Portuguese graduate program of the Department of Spanish & Portuguese.
  • Dictionary reading: one 500-word text from the student's department (supplied by the student's faculty advisor) and one 250-word text supplied by the examiner.
  • Use of a dictionary is permitted.
  • Time: 1 hour for 500-word text, and a 1/2 hour for the 250-word text.
  • Requirements: Bring your OSU I.D. (or driver's license) with you to the exam. 
  • For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Pedro Pereira, 231 Hagerty Hall, phone: (614) 247-0018.

Spanish Graduate Reading Exam


The Graduate Reading Proficiency Exam in Spanish is designed to allow graduate students to demonstrate reading proficiency in Spanish in their area of specialization. The exam is for students not enrolled in the Spanish graduate program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. It is offered once in Autumn, Spring semesters (see “Spanish Reading Exam Deadlines and Dates” below for upcoming exam dates). 

The Graduate Reading Exam consists of the translation from Spanish to English of a 500-word and a 250-word passage from secondary sources, typically scholarly journals, in the candidate's area of study. Candidates will have two hours to complete the translation and may use a paper dictionary. A 500 word reading passage in Spanish is provided by the student's department (either the advisor or the Graduate Studies Chair). One 250 word text in Spanish is supplied by the examiner. The exam is graded on a pass/non-pass basis by the SPPO testing coordinator(s).

Note: During COVID-19 restrictions the exam will be offered remotely. Students will take the exam through Carmen and will be proctored through Proctorio. See below for more information.


The request a Spanish Reading Exam students must first send an email to with the following information.

  • A written request to take the Spanish Reading Exam on the exam date (see “Spanish Reading Exam Deadlines & Dates” for more information)
    • Note: This request must be for the exam date listed below. If there is a conflict with the date, please provide documentation along with your request and another date may be considered.
  • A 3-hour window on the exam date that you are available to take the exam.
    • Note: the exam has a 2 hour time-limit, the extra hour is to provide exam takers some flexibility for accessing the exam, tech issues, etc.
  • Confirmation that you will have access to a laptop/computer with a working webcam and a strong internet connection.
  • Confirmation that you have installed or will install the Proctorio extension on your Google Chrome browser
    • (go to to install the extension)

As these tests are administered remotely during the COVID-19 restrictions, having access to proper equipment is essential. If you do not have a working laptop/computer with a webcam, strong internet connection, Proctorio concerns, or other issues, please email Dr. Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza to work out alternative methods to take the exam.

After the request has been confirmed by the testing coordinator, students must have their advisor or department chair submit a 500 word passage to at least one week prior to the exam date (see deadline below).



           Autumn 2020


Deadline to request and exam

Thursday, November 5, 2020


Deadline for advisor to submit passage

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Exam date

Thursday, November 19, 2020



Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the Spanish Reading Exam will be administered remotely through Carmen and proctored through Proctorio. SPPO testing coordinators will provide students information on how to access the exam once the exam request has been finalized. On the day of the exam, students will be given access to the exam for the pre-established three-hour testing window on the exam date. Students will have two-hours to translate both the 500-word document from the student’s advisor and the 250-word document from SPPO.

Students may use a paper dictionary and scratch paper during the exam. However, use of an online dictionary or other resources are not permitted. Students are also expected to keep their entire face on the camera at all times during the exam and maintain a secure exam environment. Any suspicion of academic misconduct will be submitted to COAM for review.


The Department of Spanish and Portuguese does not offer a Spanish Language in Translation course. If you have had previous courses in Spanish you may choose to take the MultiCAT placement exam to obtain a quick evaluation of your reading skills. If you place beyond Spanish 1103 it is possible that your language reading requirement may be met. Please check with your department's language requirements as each department's policies vary. You may also use our free tutoring services offered in our Teaching and Learning Centers (TLC) or take our elementary/intermediate courses for an audit or credit to prepare for the exam. Contact Dr. Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza if you wish to set up an appointment to discuss these options.