Event Request Form

Use this form to begin planning your departmental meetings and events. This form includes options for room requests, event promotion/advertising, and catering. If you have any questions, please contact our Office Associate, Elizabeth Wigal.

If you will be submitting a Travel Request to bring guests to your event, please fill out our Guest Speaker Form and remain in contact with our Fiscal Associate, Christiana Whitesel.

If your event will span across multiple days, please select the starting date, and make note of your additional dates in the 'Anything Else' section at the bottom of this form. For public or external events (those with expected attendance above 20 people, and that require promotion and/or catering), please allow a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event for processing if possible.

Room Request
This is dependent on availability. You are not guaranteed a reservation in your preferred space.
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If you require assistance creating a flyer, please contact Elizabeth Wigal (wigal.15@osu.edu).

Upload requirements
Provide a description of your event to be used on the website and social media.
Would you like this event posted to Hagerty Happenings?
The Hagerty Happenings deadline is Friday at 12:00pm the week prior for publication on the following Thursday.
Would you like this event posted to the CLAS newsletter?
The submission deadline is Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. for the following week's newsletter.
Would you like this event posted to ASC?
The weekly e-newsletter for the College of Arts and Sciences is published each Wednesday afternoon. The deadline for content submissions is Monday at 12:00pm.
Please let us know your 1) event budget if you have one, 2) the restaurant you have in mind: preference should be given to caterers that deliver, as the event organizing team will otherwise be responsible for picking up order, and 3) the specific food and drink items to order.
Please let us know if you require any additional administrative support/assistance not listed here.