Graduate Handbook


Welcome to the Graduate Programs of the
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
at The Ohio State University

Whether you are a prospective, new, or returning student, it is the aim of this Graduate Handbook of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese to provide you, the reader, with essential information regarding the graduate programs of the Department and the various policies and procedures that govern those programs. It serves as a supplement to the Graduate School Handbook, which contains more extensive information concerning the Graduate School of The Ohio State University, and which is available both in printed form and via the link above. The two handbooks should always be used in conjunction.  Whenever there is a perceived conflict between departmental practice and regulations established by the Graduate School or the College of Arts and Sciences, it is always these latter regulations that prevail. Departmental requirements may be more specific with regard to a given point, but they are never meant to undermine or replace the rules of the Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences.  Please note that policy changes in this year’s Handbook are indicated, for the most part, in italics.  

We trust that the information contained both in this Handbook and in the Graduate School Handbook will make it possible for you to know what is expected of you as a student in one of our graduate programs, as well as to learn how you may best negotiate your way through the complex institutional system. It may be useful to remind yourself that the regulations and restrictions included here, in the Graduate School Handbook, and in other similar publications, have the intent of guiding you with as few problems as possible along the challenging path of postgraduate education and professional training. The rules are firm where the substance of the programs is concerned; they are flexible where it is a matter of recognizing needs created by individual academic circumstances.  It is very important that graduate students and faculty cooperate closely in the sometimes daunting, but always rewarding, enterprise of learning. As advisors, instructors and staff we look forward to a stimulating and fulfilling relationship with you.  We wish you every success in your graduate studies here.

For all questions which relate to graduate studies, you are encouraged to get in touch with the people who can answer them: the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza; the Academic Program Manager, Rachel Sanabria; and your faculty advisor.