Sociolinguistics Lab


Sociolinguistics Lab- Hagerty Hall 235

Lab Manager: Luana Lamberti
Faculty Sponsor: Anna Babel

Sociolinguistics Lab Team


The sociolinguistics lab is a space dedicated to the use of graduate students and faculty engaged in sociolinguistic research.  The lab contains four computer workstations and a variety of audio and video recording equipment, as well as software and other equipment, such as transcription pedals and a response box. Graduate students and faculty may use the equipment on-site or check it out from the Lab Manager to take to the field.  The lab space may also be utilized for meetings and interviews.

Featured Highlights 

Luana Lamberti


Luana Lamberti is a Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Linguistics. Her main research concentrates on Afro-varieties of Portuguese and Spanish, with a special focus on their sociohistorical formation. She has also published on topics related to several negation phenomena, imperatives, and object marking in Brazilian Portuguese, and most recently on the variation of the future forms in Spanish. Her dissertation project is related to a comparison between the sociohistorical context and prepositional systems of Afro-Brazilian Portuguese spoken in Bahia, and Afro-Cuban Spanish.


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